Professional Services


If you’ve carefully revised your writing and feel you just need a simple look-through, then proofreading services are your best bet. Punctuation and minor grammar mistakes often sneak into well-written writing. Let me take a look. This service can be done quickly and for minimal expense.


By having your work edited, you actually become a better writer because common pattern errors will be brought to your attention, so you can avoid them in the future. Editing includes proofreading and also includes pinpointing areas of weakness, suggesting alternative word choices or phrases, and focusing on overall structure, format, and content. In a word, editing is about completeness. If you feel like you’re struggling to get your point across, or if you feel you’ve lost your focus, then editing services will help you achieve your finished product.

Writing Consultation & Business Services

  • Comprehensive editing including proofreading, deep line editing, content reorganization, and feedback

  • Story development for memoirs, short stories, and novels

  • Poetry review and revision

  • Manuscript organization

  • Critical assessment and content review

  • Questions for discussion to accompany creative work

  • Book, e-book, and blog editing

  • iPhone application content writing and revision

  • Mission statements and press releases

  • Resume writing

  • Website content writing, editing, and proofreading

  • Grant application editing

Academic Services

  • Thesis/dissertation assistance

  • College application materials

  • Graduate, law, and medical school applications

  • Personal statement writing

  • Scholarship applications

  • Research assistance

  • Essay assistance including thesis development, critique, and revision suggestions

  • Tutoring – individual and group sessions are available

Original Content Writing Available

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